Copper Fountains: The Right Choice for Businesses

[Posted on October 6]

With more and more emphasis placed on a business’s interior, it is no wonder that copper fountains are becoming extremely popular in an office environment.  A Water Gallery copper fountain is perhaps the best choice to add class, elegance and beauty to almost any business environment including corporate entryways, reception areas, retail shops and interior offices.

Water Gallery Copper Fountains Offer High Quality Materials
One of the reasons you should look into the wide variety of copper fountains we offer is due to the high quality materials we use and our superior workmanship.  Our fountains are some of the best constructed in the industry and far superior to what you may find at a big box retailer or home and garden shop.  We offer Italian copper that is a very sturdy 20 gauge and a wide choice of materials to accent your fountain.  Some of these materials include: slate, light weight slate (perfect for larger wall and floor fountains), natural river rock, glass stainless steel, mirror and more.  Beside our fine quality materials, our workmanship is top rated assuring that your fountain will last for the years to come.

Custom Copper Fountains Offer the Perfect Fit in Any Environment
If you are looking for a copper fountain for your business, Water Gallery can help you find one that fits perfectly with your interior décor.  With so much emphasis on a business’s interior these days, it is important to get the right fit for your specific needs.  We offer custom copper fountains that are designed by our knowledgeable representatives.  We can offer you a stylish, yet elegant copper fountain that is made for your specific needs.  In addition, we also offer for a fee, custom engraving and fountain lighting to enhance your creation.

Make a Great Business Impression with a Copper Fountain
One of the delights from owning a Water Gallery copper fountain is that they make a great business impression.  For those businesses that would like to convey prosperity, success and intellect, there is no better interior accessory to choose from than a copper fountain.  Our fountains easily stand out in the crowd and can be the centerpiece in your corporate entryway or reception area.

Our copper fountains are not only made from the best materials and offer fantastic styling, they also are great investment- perfect for any business.  Feel free to look at our wide line of copper fountains and to contact us directly for any questions you may have.Read More Articles on Copper Fountains Below: