Current Specials Make Now A Great Time To Shop For Indoor Floor Fountains

[Posted on Mar 21]

There is always great values and  offers on indoor floor fountains available at Water Gallery L.L.C., and right now is no exception. There are currently discounts ranging from 10% to 40% on select models of indoor floor fountains as well as free shipping on many of our other indoor fountains. This makes it a great time to invest in one of these unique pieces of water art that have been created by some of the finest craftsman in the world. There are imitators out there who attempt to provide similar products but Water Gallery L.L.C., remains the world's leading source for everything fountain related.

When you choose Water Gallery L.L.C., you're given a level of choice that can't be matched anywhere else. Most of our signature fountains come in multiple sizes, so regardless of the space you you have in mind to display on of our indoor floor fountains, we'll be able to accommodate you in manner you won't find anywhere else. It's our goal to make sure that there is a fountain out there for anyone interested in having one no matter what space or budget restrictions they may have.

Take, for example, the line of Gardenfall indoor floor fountains that can be found exclusively at Water Gallery L.L.C. Each of these fountains comes in three different sizes, starting at 48” tall and going up to 90” tall. The Gardenfall indoor floor fountains can be made from copper, stainless steal or with a black finish and can come with either clear glass or a reflective mirrored surface. That's a lot of choices based on just one of the designs we offer at Water Gallery L.L.C.

Our custom fountains open up the possibilities to those that are looking for something that will be unique to them and want to express a degree of creativity when choosing indoor floor fountains. For some the customization options allow them to have a piece that fits into an existing design by altering the size or another aspect of one of our existing fountains to better fit their vision. The option of having lettering or graphics as a part of the design has also been popular with clients who want to use one of our indoor floor fountains as signage for their business. What is clear to anyone who learns about Water Gallery L.L.C., is that the possibilities limitless.