Custom Fountains From Provide One Of A Kind Design For Your Home Or Office

[Posted on May 31]

If you’ve been considering adding an indoor fountain to your home or office, you’ve now seen the wide selection of styles and designs that we offer at You’ve seen that we have floor fountains and wall fountains ranging in size, some that are small enough to go on a table and others that are going to take up an entire wall. Our fountains can be made out of marble, slate, copper and even hand blown glass to name just a few of the different materials and styles . If somehow you haven’t found that one of our designs isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, you should also be aware that at Water Gallery, we design custom fountains as well.

When dealing with interior design, there should be no limits to the imagination that can go into the design of a room, especially when you’re looking to make a statement. When you include an indoor fountain as a part of your interior design or redesign of a room, either in your home or office, you’re automatically featuring a piece of art/furniture that is unique and sophisticated. Visitors will not only find the sounds of the trickling water soothing and peaceful, they’ll be impressed by the look and feel of the fountain itself. When you choose one of our custom fountains, you’ll also know that you’ve got something very unique to you and your vision.

People are often surprised to find how affordable custom wall fountains can be, especially at Our extensive selection of indoor wall fountains and floor fountains covers such a spectrum of sizes and styles that not only is there a design for everyone, there’s a fountain for nearly every budget. We want to make sure that if you want a fountain in your home or office that we have the fountain for you and if not, we’re confident that one of our custom fountains will meet your needs.

Check out today if you’re interested in indoor wall fountains or if you simply want to be inspired by one of your many designs. If you’ve got something more specific in mind, contact us to learn more about our custom fountains. We have a team of experienced designers and fabricators that can help you design and customize a fountain for your home or office that’ll be sure to impress visitors not to mention bring a peaceful aura to your room.