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   A rain curtain is a unique type of water feature that is made using thin strands of clear Mylar stretching down from the top of the feature. As the water gently drips down the strands, it creates the appearance of freefalling rain drops. It is a slow, soothing and captivating effect that holds the attention of the viewer. Rain curtains are ideal for use in tall spaces, as the water effect intensifies as it travels down the length of the Mylar. Also, there is no limit to the size of the rain curtain and the strands can be custom configured to add a unique look and feel to the waterfall. They are stylish accents that work equally well in the home or business and can be used as room dividers, or as wall or window decorations. These rain curtains offer a modern decorating look that is unusual, bold and attractive.

   Here at Water Gallery, we are ready to assist you in adding a rain curtain to your space. All of our custom rain curtains, fountains and waterfalls are made to order, and all custom sizes, shapes and finishes are available. We have a team of experts ready to create the perfect custom water feature for your space and budget. We have the guaranteed lowest prices and offer free shipping. Call Water Gallery today for details. Allow us to make your water feature vision a reality.