Custom Waterfalls And Fountains From Water Gallery Make A Lasting Impression

[Posted on August 30]

Water Gallery is a leading online provider of indoor wall fountains and outdoor water fountains as well as wall waterfalls and other water art. We carry an extensive line of products with designs that vary greatly so that we’re able to meet the needs of our diverse client base that includes everything from individual homeowners to professional interior decorators. Indoor fountains and custom waterfalls are becoming increasingly popular design pieces because of their ability to create a unique ambiance in a space in addition to being visually appealing. There are few things as relaxing as the sound of trickling water, so when you incorporate an indoor fountain or waterfall into the design of a room in your home or office, you’re creating an atmosphere that is peaceful as well as stylish.

As you browse the selection at, you’ll see that our fountains and wall waterfalls come in all shapes, sizes and materials. When you’re looking for something simple that will complement the existing design in your room, you may find yourself interested in one of our tabletop indoor fountains. However, if it’s an impact you’re looking to make when you have visitors, you may choose one of our larger fountains, such as one of the models in the Grande Collection that stand up to 10 feet tall. You’ll be amazed at how many people you’ll find simply staring at one these pieces because of how mesmerizing they can be.

In addition to our full line of pre-designed fountains, Water Gallery is known for our custom fountains and custom waterfalls. The customization can include a modification to one of our existing designs as well as including the name or logo of your company etched into the fountain itself. Many of our clients have chosen one of our custom waterfalls to use as a centerpiece in their office. When you’ve got a large fountain with the emblem of your company to greet visitors to your office, you’ll hear nothing but compliments on the piece as well as know that you’re creating a lasting impression.

The staff at Water Gallery consists of people that have experience designing and fabricating custom waterfalls and fountains but it’s also something we have a lot of passion about. We love hearing from people who have questions or want advice on what kind of fountain is appropriate for their redecorating vision and we’re always glad to provide guidance. Contact us today to learn more.