Custom Waterfalls From Water Gallery Provide Endless Options

[Posted on October 18] is a leading provider of indoor floor fountains, wall fountains and other water art that can be used to decorate any kind of space in a home or office. While we are more than proud to offer perhaps the widest selection of indoor fountains and wall waterfalls anywhere, we’re well aware that some people are looking for that one of a kind piece that is truly unique. That’s why in addition to our success selling our predesigned fountains, we’re known within the industry for offering the best custom waterfalls and fountains.

We found that in order to truly meet the needs of each of our clients, who represent a diverse group, that we had to offer not just high quality predesigned fountains, we also had to have the ability to customize those fountains in order to give someone that piece that they can truly call their own. When you choose an indoor water fountain from, you know you’ll be getting a fountain that was finely crafted by some of the best fabricators in the business and you’ll receive top of the line customer service. We’re happy to answer any questions or help you choose the perfect fountain. When you choose one of our custom waterfalls for your business, you’ll have the option of having the design include the name or trademark logo of your company. Many of our corporate clients have found this as a sophisticated way to greet visitors to their office.

Whenever someone spends time browsing our website,, they are usually surprised by how many different fountains we have to offer. We firmly believe we’ve got a fountain for everyone and if we don’t, that’s when we offer one of our custom waterfalls.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to add something new to an existing design in your home or you want to completely revamp your office, you’ll find that there’s a fountain that will enhance any space. That’s because when you choose an indoor fountain or wall waterfall, you’re getting something that is visually engaging but that also offers something other pieces of art cannot, which is the ability to transform the very feel of the room. The sound of trickling water can be very soothing and so even when you’re not paying direct attention to one of our wall water fountains, you’re still able to sense the presence and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere it provides.