Fantastic Floor Fountains from Water Gallery

[Posted on April 1, 2008]

Floor fountains have become commonplace in many homes and gardens, however, many businesses and retail establishments are adding the beauty, elegance and tranquility of a beautiful floor fountain to their corporate offices. While not only beautiful, many businesses understand that a high quality, elegant looking floor fountain can convey the right impression of success and prosperity. If you are looking to enhance your interior environment, whether it is a corporate office, retail space or home, Water Gallery floor fountains are perhaps your best choice.

Water Gallery Floor Fountains Radiate Quality for a Reason
The main reason that Water Gallery floor fountains radiate quality is because all of the materials we use are extremely high quality to begin with. You can walk into any big box retailer and look at fountains, while across the store, they can look quite nice. However, once you get closer, you can easily see the inferiority in the materials and the poor workmanship. With Water Gallery, our floor fountains are built to last for years, whether you are looking to place one of our fountains in a corporate office or your own home, you can rest assured that it is quality.

Water Gallery floor fountains are made from a variety of materials of your choosing. For instance, you can purchase a floor fountain made from high quality slate, Italian copper, light weight slate (for larger fountains) natural river rock, glass, stainless steel, etc.

Water Gallery Floor Fountains Come with Many Benefits
Besides the use of high quality materials and skilled workmanship, there are many benefits of buying a floor fountain from Water Gallery. First off, we offer a wide variety of choices to fit almost any interior. No matter what you are looking for, we can offer you one of our popular and stylish floor fountains or help you customize one that is perfect for your specific interior.

Besides our large selection, we ship most of our floor fountains for free and because many of our floor fountains come pre-assembled they are extremely easy to set up. It should be noted that Water Gallery floor fountains are created to be splash resistant so they can pretty much be placed anywhere making them attractive for all types of environments.

Fountain lighting and engraving are also available with many of our floor fountains and the price of our fountains will definitely surprise you. If you are looking to make the very best impression a Water Gallery floor fountain is your best choice.