Fountains and First Impressions, Part 2: The Psychology

trevi-fountain.jpgWe've already addressed the initial impressions that can be gained from having a fountain in your commercial space in the first article, but we focused primarily on the physical aspects and cues that result from the presence of a water feature. In this article, we'll look more at the commercial psychology of a fountain, and the benefits that it could have on your employees as well.

Businesses, both large and small, can see a great number of positives from having a fountain installed in a reception area. In the modern economic environment, a fountain may be seen as a luxury that few could afford to have installed inside of a building. That is why the immediate association of a fountain with prosperity makes sense. Consider a business that you have visited within the past year that had a water feature. Whether the fountain was mounted to the wall or free standing, closed or open, stone or metal, there is undoubtedly a sense of both permanence and viability simply due to the presence of that water feature.

custom-tall-glass.jpgCalm and Focus on Tap

One of the reasons why a fountain conveys these associations lies in the effect that water can have on a person. As stated in the previous article, we subconsciously take in many aspects of running water without being fully aware of it. All of those combined senses create a sense of a calm and relaxation within those who are in that environment, which includes your employees. For example, if you have a reception area with a water feature, those who are waiting to speak with you are far more likely to feel at ease.

The presence of a fountain can also reduce stress, which can lead to less sick days being needed by employees. Water features in meeting rooms, even if they are smaller and mounted on the wall, can help to provide psychological clarity for those who are in attendance, which can increase productivity and the creation of new, meaningful thoughts. The benefits of a fountain don't even need to be seen to be appreciated, either; even the sound of running water can have this effect. You may have already noticed this in certain “white noise” machines that are sold to enhance the quality of sleep. Many include settings that mimic the sound of gentle waves on a shore.

Taking a Deep Breath

Also of note is the fountain's ability to help to improve the quality of your air. Working in a stuffy environment can lead to frustration, illness, and a lack of focus. Improving air quality is significant, especially for buildings which may not have access to open windows due to weather or placement on the floor of a building. The running water in a fountain produces negative ions, which can pull irritants like allergens and dust from the air and create a purer environment.

Being able to breathe, relax, and focus on one's work are all vitally important for any business and its employees. Likewise, feeling a sense of calm, health, and prosperity are likely to engage positive associations with possible clients and business partners. For these reasons and more, installing an indoor fountain can be an extremely productive decision.

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