Fountains, More Than Just a Pretty Face

grand-scale-canyon-wall-fountain-19383.1337188614.1280.1280.jpgAs we move further into the 21st century we become more dependent on the technology that surrounds us. This is not a groundbreaking revelation; it’s a fact that we have embraced. Coworkers will exchange everything from pleasantries to documents via email when they’re a mere 15 feet apart. Skyping has replaced the dreaded conference call and paper tablets have been dismissed to make room for their electronic counterparts. When a large number of electronics populate the workspace positive ions are omitted into the air. The air is constantly being charged with positive and negative ions but it’s important to make sure that the positive ions do not become more prominent. As we work around electronics we breathe in these positive ions that in turn can cause us to become fatigued and experience other abhorrent sensations. That’s because the positive ions act as a form of pollution in the body. An easy and aesthetically pleasing way to remedy this is to place an indoor fountain or waterfall within the workspace. Running water is a great way to generate negative ions without having to pay for a costly air purifier. The negative ions will act as an invisible broom and dustpan and clear the air of unpleasant dust and neutralize the positive ions.

Noise Pollution

Sometimes the office can experience a different kind of pollution, noise pollution. Noise pollution is defined as either harmful or unwanted noise that is generated by large machines, transportation vehicles, and construction. The ruckus can become a distraction element for your employees and may hinder their daily productivity. A strategically placed fountain replaces those unwanted noises with the soothing sound of rain. Imagine the sound of the airplanes flying overhead being replaced by gently cascading water. The anxiety and frustration that use to fill the room would be replaced with relaxation and peace of mind. But how can the sound of water create such feelings? From an early age we are conditioned to associate the sound of water with quiet and comfort. Oceans and lakes are commonly viewed as relaxing vacation spots, and meditation CD’s frequently feature the sound of flowing rivers. Perhaps it’s its purity, or the fact that it’s the most common and underappreciated natural resource that draws us to its inherent beauty.

Natural Humidifier

Fountains and waterfalls can also act as a natural humidifier by replenishing the moisture in the dry air. People with allergies tend to suffer from their symptoms more when the air becomes drier, especially during the summer and winter months. And we all know that the already dry air can be exacerbated by the nonstop use of air and heating units. Not only will your employees appreciate the presence of a fountain, but any indoor office plants that require humidity will also thank you.

Positive Benefits for the Workplace

As you can see the benefits of having an indoor fountain or waterfall do not solely rely on its decorative purposes. They can improve the health of your employees and promote a stress free surrounding. I can’t think of an easier, more beautiful way to add so many positive benefits to your workspace.

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