Glass Fountains Deliver Exceptional Beauty & Sophistication

[Posted on March 20, 2008]

Glass fountains have been growing in popularity over the last several years due to the fact that they can give almost any interior a modern, updated look that still is very sophisticated. Glass fountains are not only one of the most in demand types of fountains on the market, but they also go great with any décor. Whether you are looking for tall, statuesque glass fountains or fountains which are moderately sized, you will appreciate the many benefits a Water Gallery glass fountain has to offer.

Water Gallery Glass Fountains are Made with the Highest Quality Materials
Water Gallery only uses the finest quality materials for their glass fountains. It should be noted that when you purchase a glass fountain, the trim is extremely important as well. Water Gallery glass fountains can be customized with a variety of materials to ensure a perfect fit. For instance, quality materials such as slate, stone, Italian copper, mirror, natural river rock, stainless steel and other materials are available for trim.

While you can purchase a glass fountain from many big box retailers, there is absolutely no comparison when you see one of our high quality glass fountains. Our fountains are made to last and the quality of the materials exude beauty, confidence and prosperity.

Water Gallery Glass Fountains Offer Healthy Benefits
It should be noted that Water Gallery glass fountain come with a wide range of healthy benefits. For instance, if you work in a stressful environment, the sound of gently falling water could be exactly the thing needed to calm nerves and reduce stress. In addition, busy and loud office or home environments can benefit from the white noise offered by these beautiful fountains.

For dry environments, glass fountains by Water Gallery can gently humidify the surrounding air not only adding moisture to the air, but gently removing potentially harmful substances from the air such as pollen and dust.

Water Gallery Glass Fountains Are Easy to Purchase, Set Up and Maintain
One of the reasons that Water Gallery glass fountains are perfect for any corporate environment, retail environment or home use is the ease that one can purchase it, set it up and maintain it. Water Gallery glass fountains come with free shipping saving buyers an additional expense. In addition, our glass fountains usually come pre assembled so that they are easy to set up and since they are splash resistant and quality built, they can be placed in almost any environment making them easy to maintain. It should also be noted that our glass fountains come with free fountain lighting and customized engraving.

For those looking for the perfect indoor accessory, Water Gallery glass fountains are not only beautiful, but easy to own.