How to Choose the Best Wall Fountain

[Posted on February 27]


Teton Falls Water Fountain

Wall fountains are an excellent way to enhance the décor of your room or office. Many residences and offices add interior water features to bring peace and tranquility into their atmosphere. Wall fountains come in several sizes, colors and materials, so it is important to consider all factors when choosing the best wall fountain for your environment. Below is a list of several factors to consider:


Quality is the most important consideration when choosing an interior water feature. Make sure the materials are durable and the fountain is engineered for indoor use. Most quality features will be constructed of metal, stone, acrylic or glass. You should avoid fountains that are built from inexpensive poly-resin or fiberglass. Some exceptions apply. Keep in mind you will have this water feature for many years, and it needs to be durable and well designed for indoor use.

Price or Budget

What is your comfortable budget? Most top quality wall fountains range in price from $500 - $5000. Generally, the smaller features sell for less and are designed for bathrooms, foyers or small wall spaces, and the larger, more expensive features are better suited for bigger walls and lobby areas. Be sure to ask your fountain specialist about the various price options and benefits from each design when you are choosing the best wall fountain for your atmosphere.


Where are you putting the wall fountain? Measure the space and decide if a horizontal or vertical design is best. Most wall fountains do not need a waterline or drain pipe, so you can choose any open space on the wall. Your feature should hang very similar to a heavy picture, and it will include all of the necessary bracketing or mounting equipment. Keep in mind you will need to access the feature for routine maintenance, so do not choose a location that is hard to access. Wall fountains can be located in any room, however be sure to understand the hanging instructions and routine maintenance required.

Size or Dimensions

What dimensions fit best on your desired wall space? It is usually best to leave a few inches of clearance around the entire feature. Many customers enjoy larger waterfalls as the bigger features create more of trickling waterfall sound. Look at your existing décor and fixtures to help you determine what size wall fountain will fit best in your environment.

Color and Materials

There are several great options for colors and materials to choose from for your indoor fountain. You can choose from stainless steel, copper, black or bronze for the metal trim and basin, and choose from natural slate, marble, mirror or glass for your water panel.


Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain with Copper


Inspiration Falls Wall Fountain with Stainless Steel

Maintenance and Care

Keep in mind that all fountains require routine maintenance and care. The biggest maintenance issue is adding water as it evaporates. Depending on the size of your wall fountain you can estimate approximately 2-4 gallons of water will evaporate per week. We highly recommend only adding distilled water to your interior waterfall. Distilled water does not contain minerals or calcium, therefore your wall fountain will not develop unsightly stains and white scale on the feature. Standard tap water contains calcium and will leave calcium stains on the fountain. Also, standard tap water is may reduce the useful life of your fountain because these minerals build up on the pump and mechanical components and slowly cause damage to these parts.

Watch a short video below on wall fountain maintenance.