How to Get the Most Out of Your Indoor Environment with Floor Fountains - Part 2

[Posted on April 1, 2008]

Floor fountains are one of the most appealing ways one can maximize beauty and sophistication in any environment including corporate offices, corporate entry ways, retail space and of course the home. If you are looking for an exceptional accessory to enhance your environment, a floor fountain by Water Gallery should definitely be looked into.

Floor Fountains by Water Gallery are Designed with Quality in Mind
Anyone can go to a big box home improvement store or discount outlet and purchase a floor fountains, however for those that are looking for a high quality piece of art that makes an impression of success and quality, then Water Gallery floor fountains will suit you well.

Floor fountains by Water Gallery are designed from the floor up to be top quality including using only the best materials available. For instance your floor fountain can be created with lovely marble, Italian copper, natural river stone, slate, lightweight slate, stainless steel, glass, as well as other materials. In addition, floor fountains by Water Gallery are designed to be splash resistant so that they can be placed in almost any environment making it extremely easy to maintain.

Floor Fountains by Water Gallery Can Be Customized
Another great reason to choose Water Gallery floor fountains is that many of our floor fountains are easily customized with custom engraving and free fountain lighting. Enhancing the beauty of your floor fountain is incredibly easy with the many extras we provide. In addition, it should be noted that installing a floor fountain from us is not difficult at all due to the fact that we provide free shipping on many of our floor fountains and that most floor fountains come shipped pre assembled.

Floor Fountains Offer Health Benefits
While beauty and reliability are a given with any Water Gallery floor fountain, you might be interested in knowing that there are a variety of health benefits that can be achieved by placing a floor fountain in your environment. The first health benefit usually is reduced stress. Perfect for the corporate office a tranquil, gentle sounding floor fountain can be extremely relaxing to the ears and help reduce stress. Secondly, floor fountains actually help humidify a room with their running water. If you are situated in a dry environment, a floor fountain can affect the humidity level in a positive way and finally, as your floor fountain humidifies the air surrounding it, it can help remove potentially harmful particles from the air such as dust and mold.