Humidifying Homes with Indoor Fountains

contemporary-indoor-fountains.jpgRooms in your house that are typically dry become worse during the winter season due to indoor heating needs. On top of that, colder weather generally brings lower humidity levels. Dry environments are a catalyst for poor health and irritating for those suffering from dry skin conditions. A common solution to this dilemma is a humidifier. But for some homeowners a more permanent, decorative solution is desired. Waterfalls and other indoor water features are a great alternative.

Regular humidifiers require constant attention and refilling. The most common models are bulky, plastic eyesores that are meant as temporary solutions. They’re loud, out of place, and spray a mist not easily controlled and excessive. In addition, humidifier filters need to be changed regularly and are costly to replace. 

Water walls, falls, and other indoor water fountains are natural humidifiers. Water from a fountain or waterfall feature only evaporates as the dry air absorbs it, at a natural rate. If the air isn’t dry, water won’t be evaporated. The threat of over humidification is eliminated.

The selection of indoor water features is vast. No matter your taste in home décor, you can rest assured there is a water fountain or wall that fits your palate. So not only is your humidity issue solved, but the added beauty and peaceful sounds of flowing water have enlivened your living space. And while the soothing flush of water blocks out distracting noises, water walls and such also produce negative ions that cleanse the air by removing dust and other particles.

Water walls require a small amount of maintenance. A periodic cleaning once or twice a year is all that’s needed to eliminate water marks and other residues. The water pump should also receive a thorough cleaning along with water levels being checked to make sure they’re set at the minimum required level.

Water features are an excellent choice for everybody because of their versatility. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors, and can be personalized to fit your home and budget. So before you buy a standard humidifier, do your research and see if a new water feature is really what your home needs.