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Indoor Fountains Create a Serene Space


Nov. 2nd, 2012

Indoor water fountains have become all the rage for high end homes and businesses that want to create a calm, serene space. Indoor water fountains add texture and dimension to a boring space. Those who are obsessed with neutrals when it comes to home and office décor can add an organic layer to the space with an indoor fountain. Indoor fountains are fairly simple to install. A lot of the time the most difficult part is assembling the fountain. From there, you’re able to hook it up to your indoor water pump and watch the water flow.

Popular Trends for Indoor Fountains

  • Wall water fountains.

    This is the style of indoor fountain that looks like a wall. It can come in sizes large and small. The main thing about a wall water fountain is that it adds dimension to the space by creating the look of flowing water. Wall water fountains are perfect for offices and can act as the focal point for any space. Indoor fountains are popular for home and commercial offices, but the wall water fountain is more likely found in commercial spaces.
  • Floor fountains.

    Floor fountains make a big impact, even in small spaces. Floor fountains have become popular for living rooms, rec rooms, formal dining rooms for private residences. For commercial properties and lobbies, floor fountains add a high end feel and a serene impact that those waiting around will appreciate. Upon walking into a lobby or space with a floor fountain, clients and visitors instantly feel at ease and it creates the vibe of a relaxed atmosphere. While you may be wheeling and dealing major contracts in your offices, there’s no reason to create an intimidating or cold atmosphere in your building. A floor fountain adds to a light, airy feel to the space and demeanor of your business.
  • Logo fountains.

    These are specially made for businesses. Instead of just installing a wall or floor fountain in your lobby, office or work space, why not emblazon it with your company logo? This is a way to add a calm vibe to the space while getting your company name out there. Logo fountains are available for all types of logos, allowing you to customize the colors and font on the fountain’s wall.
  • Bubble walls.

    Bubble walls are double-sided fountains with ‘bubbles’ between the walls. This creates an optic, textured effect. Bubble walls can be customized with your company’s logo, but the color is always lit up with a blue, green or purple light. This is because bubble walls are powered with LED lights that allow the bubbles to show off. The company logo will be in your customized font, but color does not play a major role for bubble walls.

The various types of indoor fountains can add a dramatic effect indoors. Water is known to have a calming effect on people, which is how aquariums became so popular. Indoor fountains create that same tranquil vibe and can promote your business in the process.