Let Your Customers Know You Care


Some business owners think décor is an unnecessary expense. Considering all the costs associated with marketing, employees, and inventory, it makes sense how they can push the interior decorations for their office to the bottom of the list. But often times it is the little things that make a big difference, and when customers walk into your place of business, they’ll notice how much you care about their comfort by the amount of effort you put into your décor.

It doesn’t take much to add some life to your workplace, and you won’t have to break the bank to add these changes:

Make Your Office Inviting

If you have a waiting room or any kind of sitting area, it needs to make your clients feel welcome and comfortable. To avoid an unfriendly environment, try these simple ideas:

  • Warm coloring such as earth tones, rustic orange, and deep blues
  • Do away with metal and plastic chairs and add some upholstery
  • Don’t cut corners with printed art, go for actual artwork
  • Add some foliage, plants create a welcoming environment and fill empty space nicely

Any one of these changes will make a huge difference and provide your customers with some visual stimulus to improve their visit.

Do The Unexpected

Everyone loves spontaneity, and if you have little to no décor, a water fountain is always a welcomed addition. Water fountains today come in all shapes and sizes and are more creative and decorative than ever. Plus, the calming sounds of rushing water provide a relaxing touch to an office that is hard to match. Many water fountains and falls can be customized with a company logo, giving your office setting a unique touch of flare.

Décor That Fills The Room

Depending on your business setting, there are all kinds of different items that can add some character to your work environment. Small touches like vases, statues, tabletop art, or even some custom art provide that atmosphere that make people feel right at home.

The amount of décor you provide for your customers’ enjoyment is basically your first impression when they walk in. Even a few items make a huge difference and can give a minimalist artistic approach if applied correctly. Let your customers know you care, because the way they perceive your work environment, effects the way they perceive your business.