The 3-Step Process To Decorating a Bathroom

photoxpress-1911980.jpgCreating the perfect bathroom isn't as difficult or costly as some homeowners are led to believe. This is why so many people overlook this area of the home when it comes to decorating and design. However, with a clear plant and a little bit of work, you can create the bathroom that you've always dreamed of having. In this post, we're going to walk you through the steps to creating the perfect bathroom.

Did you know that average person will spend approximately two full weeks out of the year in the bathroom? To make your time here more enjoyable, you should invest some of your time and energy into creating an attractive, functional atmosphere. Far too many homeowners spend all of their resources decorating common areas of the home, such as the living room and dining room, without paying attention to the bathroom Unfortunately, this results in a lackluster bathroom that takes away from the home's overall beauty.

Step #1 – Color Palette

The first step to decorating a bathrom is to choose the color palette. Color plays an important role in both the appearance and the mood, so don't underestimate its impact. Dark colors can make a bathroom look and feel smaller, whereas brighter colors can create the perception of a larger bathroom while instilling a positive mood in the environment.

Step #2 – Vanity and Bathtub

The vanity and bathtub are two key components of a dream bathroom. Regardless of which direction you intend on taking your bathroom decor, you should choose a stylish vanity and bathtub to compliment your efforts. A clawfoot bathtub, for instance, is an elegant alternative to most of the modern-day models for sale. There's a certain vintage element with clawfoot bathtubs that's not found elsewhere, and you can use this to your advantage by placing one in your bathroom.

When you first walk into a bathroom, your attention will likely be immediately drawn to the vanity. For this reason, it's recommended that you choose a high-end vanity that matches the rest of your furniture and furnishings. Look at not only the color, style and material of the vanity, but also consider how much storage space it features. The cabinet space underneath the sink is a valuable area that will serve a number of different purposes.

Step #3 – Accessorize

The third and final step in creating the perfect bathroom is to accessorize the atmosphere. Play around with different wall decorations to see what works best. Some choices to consider using on bathroom walls include paintings, frames photos, art collages or even vinyl decals. You can also accessorize your bathroom with items like a teak shower bench or chair. These are just a few of the many ideas for creating an attractive bathroom decor.