The Best Fountains for Smaller Spaces

Do you love the look of indoor fountains but feel that your home or office isn’t large enough to accommodate one? If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that even the smallest of spaces can benefit from an indoor fountain. It’s simply a matter of choosing the right one to work with the space you do have. Of course, you may be surprised at the space you can enjoy if you do a good clean-up or de-cluttering, but if you happen to like your home or office the way it is, you can follow these simple steps to create a perfect place for your fountain:

  • Select an uncluttered area or spot where you feel a fountain could be easily viewed and enjoyed.
  • Take measurements of the space.
  • Keep the measurements handy as you shop for a fountain and use them to aid you in the decision-making process.

Beautiful Bubble Walls and Panels

When most people think fountains, they think of free-flowing structures where water splashes down into a pool of more water. Many people, however, are choosing to take a more modern approach to fountains and are selecting sophisticated bubble walls and panels  instead. While cascading water can be nice, pleasant sounding bubbling—especially if they’re accompanied by beautiful LED lighting—can be even nicer. Plus, bubble walls and panels don’t have to take up much space at all. In fact, if you convert your existing walls into bubble walls, you won’t be changing the amount of space you have at all; you’ll just be doing more with the space you do have! Likewise, bubble panels tend to be flat and built-into the wall or only slightly raised from it, which makes them perfect for a smaller space. You can, of course, pick the exact size of your panel and where it goes.

Wonderful Wall Fountains

Just as you can turn your existing walls into bubble walls, you can also choose to add a wall fountain to your current walls. This can usually be done without damaging the existing wall and, of course, without detracting from the space in your home, office, or other room. These fountains providing interesting and appealing aesthetic value to the space without being overly obtrusive, and they can be purchased in many different and beautiful materials to complement your space. Natural-looking marble or sleek, modern stainless steel are common options. You can even add a company or business logo or other graphic to your fountain for a customized look.

Fabulous Floor Fountains

If you want something more in-line with a traditional fountain than the options presented thus far, a beautiful standing floor fountain   can be an excellent choice. These fountains tend to be tall, slender, and graceful, adding elegance to your home and taking up less than half the space of a standard fountain. You can choose from fountains of different heights, styles, and designs, and most feature the wonderful, soothing noise of lightly running water.

There are other space-efficient fountain options to consider as well, and you can find them all at Water Gallery, LLC.