The Elegant Beauty of Copper Fountains

[Posted on August 25, 2008]

Copper is an incredibly beautiful metal and using this material to construct an attractive copper fountain is one of the best ways to decorate your interior space.  No matter if you would like to add a copper fountain to a corporate entryway, reception area, retail shop or your home, Water Gallery copper fountains offer some of the highest quality, elegant fountains available.

Quality Makes the Difference
One way to ensure that your copper fountain looks amazing for the many years to come is to purchase a fountain from Water Gallery.  Water Gallery copper fountains are known throughout the industry as being extremely high quality made from the best copper available. In fact, our Italian copper fountains usually are created with 20 gauge copper to ensure constructional integrity and beauty.  In addition, we offer a wide range of other types of materials to accent your copper fountain.  Some of these materials include:  slate, natural river rock, glass, mirror, a variety of stone and much more.  In addition to the high quality copper we use, our superior workmanship adds to the delight and reliability of our products.

Water Gallery Copper Fountains Can Be Customized
For those businesses or individuals that would like a copper fountain to fit perfectly in their interior space, Water Gallery offers custom fountain.  Please contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable fountain designers to create a copper fountain that is not only attractive, but offers the perfect fit.  In addition, we also offer customized logo and fountain lighting for an additional fee.

The Benefits of a Copper Fountain
Besides being incredibly beautiful, copper fountains offer a wide range of benefits.  First, the sound of falling water is not only relaxing, but for noisy office spaces provides the perfect white noise making it easier to concentrate and focus.  In addition, copper fountains can help to gently humidify the surrounding air- making a dry room moister.  As the copper fountain humidifies a room it can even help to remove potentially dangerous particles from the air such as pollen and dust.

Choose Water Gallery for a Great Buying Experience
Purchasing a copper fountain from Water Gallery is a wonderful experience and offers our customers incredible benefits.  Most of our copper fountains come with free delivery and since many are already pre assembled, it is usually a breeze to set them up.  As far as price is concerned, most of our customers are quite amazed at what a great value they receive.  For those looking to add the perfect copper fountain to their interior environment, Water Gallery is the perfect choice.