The Importance of Word-of-Mouth

whisper.jpgThe advertising industry generate billions of dollars in sales.

A team of graphic designers, copywriters, and account managers are responsible for creating advertising and marketing plans and implementing them so as to help brand a product or service. This in turn is supposed to make the product and service more appealing to the general public. Businesses across the country will dump hundreds of thousands of dollars into TV and radio advertisements but it’s important to recognize that word-of-mouth continues to be the most trusted form of advertising.

A Creative Alternative

A creative, yet affordable way to generate word-of-mouth amongst current and potential customers is by using a logo waterfall to advertise your company’s name, logo, and services. A logo waterfall is a great way to add texture to a barren office wall and is an attractive alternative to boring signage. They’re known to make a bold statement, whether they’re made of stone or a combination of glass and metal. When they’re placed in a business’s waiting area, conference room, or foyer, people will be more inclined to remember your company’s name and service.

custom-outdoor-fountain.jpgAny Type of Business Can Benefit from a Logo Waterfall

Corporate businesses aren’t the only type of establishment that can benefit from the use of a logo waterfall. They can be personalized to display a salon’s logo, a law office’s mission statement, or even a bible verse. But why limit yourself to merely text? This type of water feature can even display beautiful depictions of animals and nature. With almost every aspect of a logo waterfall being customizable, you can create a beautiful work of art to put on display in your work’s waiting room or outside as a way to market your business.

Completely Customizable

There will be no need to compromise because the sky’s the limit when your business is concerned. You have the ability to have your ideal design displayed on such surfaces as:

  • Marble
  • Glass
  • Slate
  • Lightweight slate
  • Scored black acrylic

If you work in a more fashion forward environment a business fountain with a reflective surface, such as stainless steel or mirror, is a perfect choice. You’ll be sure to exude class and elegance when customers or clients catch a glimpse of the glistening water as it cascades across your customized backdrop. The melodious sound of water will also be a lovely addition to the surrounding atmosphere and aid in drawing people in.

Popular Designs

  • Popular styles of logo waterfalls include;
  • Placing a black logo or mission statement on a reflective surface
  • Placing a white logo or mission statement on a dark acrylic background
  • Using multiple paneled wall waterfalls to display a complete work of art
  • Or adding a splash of color with the use of weather proof paint currently offers dozens of logo waterfalls to business owners who are looking to stand apart from their competition. Go online today and see how you can leave your customers amazed and astonished with the compelling beauty these fountains provide!