Three Color Options for Fountain Lighting

One of the great advantages of having a water feature, whether in doors or outside, is that you can make exciting or soothing light features that have a visually pleasing interaction thanks to the light refraction that water provides. Light features are more typically a choice for outdoor fountains, particularly those which are featured in commercial spaces, or in luxurious residences, but they can also be appropriate for simple indoor commercial water features and small garden fountains as well.

luna-wall-fountain.jpgIn this article, we'll look at three color choices for your lit water feature can produce the mood or effect you desire. We'll also include a few color variations to give you an idea of what you can achieve with the right bulbs.

White Light

  • Stark white
  • Eggshell white

Although not a color by definition, white light is associated with a clean environment and presentation. White's also one of the most difficult colors to get as a stark shade without having an effect that is far too bright and distracting. White lights are a nice touch for walls which are darkly colored, if you are using a mounted in door feature, and can mix well with virtually every shade and color combination that you can imagine. For outdoor features using white light, be sure to adjust brightness of the lighting appropriately in the fountain has reflective qualities, as would be the case with polished brass, stainless steel, or certain glass surfaces.

Blue Light

  • Light blue
  • Deep blue
  • Blue-green
  • Indigo

frosted-acrylic-led-bartop.jpgA light blue makes a nice compliment for aquatic themes and accompaniments, but it also interacts well with shades of light or pale yellow, gray, and black. Darker blue lights work well, but should be used sparingly, as this is a more difficult color to match with most backgrounds and features. Blue is a color that has associations with calm and thought, which is one of the reasons it was a popular choice for the uniforms of emergency and treatment personnel, such as police and medical professionals. For outdoor features, use blue sparingly; blue garden lighting may mix well if placed near blue, light pink, or violet flowers, but you won't want to drown out their individual colors entirely.

Orange Light

  • Neon orange light
  • Dark orange light
  • Gold light
  • Orange-red light

seattle-bubble-panel.jpgOrange can be a very nice choice for water features that feature solid black text or characters on an indoor display, especially for restaurants that want to convey a “fiery, oven roasted” character with their business. It is also a nice choice for certain outdoor features, particularly those that use statues that may have reflective surfaces, as it can provide illumination without much glare. This is why it was one of the more popular types of street light for evening hours. Orange light, which can include shades of gold, can evoke a sense of energy or activity that can keep guests alert, or it can be used to provide illumination in areas where you don't want light to be overwhelming.