Tips on Achieving an Art Deco-Styled Home

photoxpress-5093635.jpgArt Deco is a style of decorated that originated during the 1920s in Paris, France. Although there are many elements used to achieve this style, some of the most notable are symmetrical shapes, geometric figures, bold colors and intricate designs. When it's done right, Art Deco provides a lavish atmosphere that's stunning to look at. Of course this is just one of the many reasons why people today are still choosing to decorate their homes using it.

While Art Deco gained immediate popularity during its original inception, demand for it died down as a result of the second World War. At this time, France and several other European countries were left in turmoil with widespread fighting taking place all around them. Residents here were more focused on staying alive instead of decorating their homes. Thankfully, Art Deco survived this area and saw a newfound rejuvenation during the 1960s not only in Europe, but also in America.

Geometric Shapes

As stated above, one of the key elements in achieving Art Deco in your home is to use symmetrical geometric shapes and figures. This may be confusing to those who have never focused on these elements, but it's fairly easy once you understand the basic principle behind it. Try decorating the walls with pictures of shapes and figures. This is a simple and inexpensive way to add the necessary geometric shapes that Art Deco calls for. You should also consider what type of furniture you have in your home, as pieces with curved legs may not be the best choice for an Art Deco atmosphere.


The colors used in an Art Deco atmosphere will vary depending on the surrounding elements. Typically, tan, beige, cream, taupe or even white are used. The bottom line is that your walls need to be painted in a light tone that isn't overly bearing. Think about what type of furniture and furnishings you're going to use and pick a color to match. It doesn't necessarily have to be the same color as everything else in your home, but it should flow together in a cohesive manner.

Unique Elements

A lot of people make the mistake of not using enough unique elements in their Art Deco-styled home. Ideally, you want your decor to stand out with a unique touch that simply isn't found elsewhere. You can try adding statues, sculptures, antique mirrors and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces to create this effect.