Unique Custom Gift Ideas for the Home

neutral.jpgCustom gifts can be the most welcome kind since they are uniquely chosen for the recipient. Unique custom gift ideas for the home should include thoughtful presents that the recipients will enjoy for many years. Giving a gift filled with movement and life, can make for an especially enjoyable gift. Consider a terrarium or a table top or wall fountain as these are suited to any style of home decor and are versatile too as they may be placed in any room.

Long-lasting Plants

A terrarium, which is simply plants growing inside a glass container, can look stunning in any home. Having one made especially for your friend or family member as a special present can be one of the most welcome unique custom gift ideas for the home. You'll have to consider the climate and what plants grow best and will last the longest under glass. Of course, you'll also have to choose compatible plants that will grow well together.

Cacti can be one of the best choices of plants for a terrarium gift as they tend to require minimum care and watering. Flowering cacti can look especially attractive. A cacti-filled terrarium can make one of the best unique custom gift ideas for the home when invited to a house warming celebration. Having something alive and growing such as beautiful plants in an attractive glass container can help bring a sense of renewal and give a great feeling of a fresh start in life.

Fabulous Fountains

inspiration-falls-wall-fountain-with-copper.jpgHaving a custom table or wall fountain designed for a gift for people you care about can be the perfect way to compliment their home. Remember to think about their style, favorite materials and colors rather than your own when you choose to give one of these unique custom gift ideas for the home of family members or friends. You can first get options from the designer of wall fountains and table fountains and take some time thinking everything over before making your final decision.

Be sure to give yourself and the designer enough time so that you'll have your fountain ready for the date you need it for such as for a wedding, housewarming, anniversary or special birthday. You could picture a certain spot in your recipient's home where the fountain could go, but ultimately, the decision of where to place your custom gift should be the recipient's. One of the most wonderful things about giving wall or table fountains as unique custom gifts for the home is they are easily adaptable to any room and size of virtually any apartment or house.