Wall Fountains are Incredible

[Posted on March 2]

Nothing can transform your office or home into a relaxing, peaceful environment like a beautiful wall fountain. The sounds of water trickling down a copper, slate or stone wall fountain brings instant tranquility to anyone within hearing range. It can make your office or home a refuge from the commotion of daily life.

Wonderful Wall Fountains for the Home and the Office
At Water Gallery, we offer lovely wall fountains that can fit whatever design you have in your home or office. We have an extensive line of hand-crafted indoor wall fountains. We have wall fountains made with pebbles or of glass. We use only the finest materials for all of our wall fountains. We can create a wall fountain with Italian copper, natural slate or river stone. Whatever wall fountain you decide is right for you, you will be sure to find it at Water Gallery. We have a huge selection of wall fountains and we put every ounce of creativity and workmanship into them so you can have beauty, peace and relaxation every time you enter your home or office.

Much to Choose From at Water Gallery
There is no shortage of wall fountains at Water Gallery. We have a huge array of wall fountains and you are sure to find one that you feel fits your dwellings. We have the Deep Creek Falls wall fountain with slate in several colors framed with copper or steel. This wall fountain also comes in green or brown marble. The Arizona Phoenician wall fountain has hand-selected slate and a silver mirror water surface so it can reflect its natural beauty. You can also get one of our wall fountains with lighting. If you like your wall fountain to have a little art with it, then look at our marble art wall fountains. We have thousands of custom-sized pictures so you can personalize your wall fountain.

Wall Fountains are Stylish and Unique
At Water Gallery, we know that having a gorgeous wall fountain will be the perfect compliment to you home or office. Wall fountains carry a certain style and grace that is almost unmatched by other decorations. Also, we can custom make your wall fountain so it is unique to you. We invite you to browse our selection and to view many of the wall fountains that we have created for our past clients.  As always, if you have any questions contact us today.