Wall Fountains Come with Many Extras

[Posted on March 17, 2008]

Perhaps one of the best ways to add elegance, sophistication and convey prosperity is with a Water Gallery wall fountain. Wall fountains have always been the object of beauty and while most were originally created for outdoor use, today, you can find the perfect wall fountains made from top quality materials that can fit almost any indoor space. If you are looking for the perfect indoor accessory that exudes sophistication then a Water Gallery wall fountains can be a great choice. Here are just some of the reasons to choose a Water Gallery wall fountain for your indoor environment.

Water Gallery Wall Fountains Offer High Quality Materials
Water Gallery wall fountains offer extremely high quality materials along with beautiful designs that can enhance almost any interior. Of course you can purchase a wall fountain from a big box retailer, however, the quality and design will be of much lower quality, with Water Gallery, you can expect the best with a variety of materials including slate, light weight slate, natural river rock, glass, Italian copper, stainless steel and much, much more.

In addition, every Water Gallery wall fountain is built with décor and longevity in mind making Water Gallery the perfect fountain for corporate entryways, offices, retail space and even in a home environment.

Water Gallery Wall Fountains Come with Many Extras
While you can count on a beautiful wall fountain from Water Gallery, we enhance your purchase by offering plenty of extras including free fountain lighting, free custom engraving and free shipping. For those looking for easy set up, it should be known that Water Gallery wall fountains usually come shipped pre assembled and since they are developed to be splash resistant, they can be placed in almost any environment and maintained easily. Buying and setting up a wall fountain is now easier than ever when you purchase one from Water Gallery.

Water Gallery Wall Fountains Also Offer Healthful Benefits
While Water Gallery wall fountains are extremely beautiful and fit practically any décor, they also offer surprisingly healthful benefits. For instance, if you work in a very dry environment, wall fountains can gently humidify the surrounding air not only making the air moist, but removing potentially harmful substances such as dust and pollen. In addition, for those busy office environments, the sound of gently falling water is the perfect stress reducer.

For those looking for beauty, sophistication and elegance, Water Gallery wall fountains is perhaps your best choice for indoor décor. For more information regarding our wall fountains, please visit our homepage.