Wall Fountains: The Perfect Interior Solution

[Posted on October 16]

Looking for a great way to showcase your corporate office, retail shop or home, a Water Gallery wall fountain is the perfect interior solution.  For those looking for statuesque beauty that immediately adds class and elegance to any decor, a wall fountain is perhaps the best choice one can make.  Here are just a few of the reasons why Water Gallery wall fountains are top rated in the industry.

Water Gallery Wall Fountains are Constructed with the Finest Materials Available
It isn’t difficult to see that Water Gallery wall fountains are constructed with the finest materials available.  On first glance, the style, construction and materials used all exude quality and superior workmanship.  For those looking for the best quality wall fountains, Water Gallery definitely delivers. 

Some of the materials that we use to construct our wall fountains include: Italian copper, slate, light weight slate (perfect for larger wall fountains), natural river rock, glass, stainless steel, mirror and more.  No matter what your décor, we either have a wall fountain in our large inventory or can customize a wall fountain to fit perfectly.

Make the Right Business Impression with a Water Gallery Wall Fountain
One reason many corporations, small businesses and retail establishments choose Water Gallery wall fountains is due to the great business impression they make.  The high quality, elegant look of a wall fountain can impress a lot of positive traits onto your business.  For instance, wall fountains convey success, prosperity, intellect and sophistication- all of which are not easy impressions to make in today’s business world.  However, Water Gallery wall fountains can convey these business impressions quite effortlessly.

Water Gallery Offers a Great Buying Experience
Another great reason to choose Water Gallery for your wall fountain purchase is that we provide our customers one of the best purchasing experiences available.  We offer top rated customer service and all of our service reps are extremely knowledgeable.  In addition, no matter what type of fountain you are looking for or where you would like to place it, our designers can help you customize a wall fountain to match an interior space perfectly.

Purchasing one of our wall fountains is extremely easy and we offer free shipping on most of the fountains we sell.  In addition, many of our fountains come preassembled for easy set up.  For more information or to purchase a Water Gallery wall fountain, please contact us directly today.