Water Gallery Slate Waterfalls are Built to Impress

[Posted on July 10, 2008]

For businesses, retail shops and homes one of the most sought after material is slate.  Slate is gorgeous and not only goes with many decors, but leaves an impression with the individual of quality, elegance and success.  Slate waterfalls by Water Gallery are one of the most requested types of waterfalls due to their timeless beauty and the quality of slate materials we use.  If you are looking for the perfect slate waterfall for your interior no matter if it is for a corporate entryway, retail shop or home, Water Gallery slate waterfalls will definitely impress.

A Variety of Different Types of Slate Available
Water Gallery offers a variety of slate waterfalls.  Some are smaller in size and perfect for tabletops, others are much larger, such as slate waterfalls for the wall or floor standing.  With slate waterfalls that are larger in size we not only offer our high quality traditional slate, but also our light-weight slate which is perfect for larger slate waterfalls.  Besides slate, you can enhance your waterfall with a variety of materials such as natural river rock, Italian copper, glass, stainless steel and other high quality materials.

Slate Waterfalls are Built to Impress
Water Gallery slate waterfalls are built with quality and longevity in mind.  If you have visited a big box home improvement store recently, you have probably seen plenty of waterfalls, however their quality definitely lacks.  Our high quality materials and our commitment to design and construction ensures anyone buying a Water Gallery slate waterfall the best in materials and workmanship.  Our slate waterfalls are built to impress, at first glance you can tell our slate waterfalls are extremely high quality.

Water Gallery Slate Waterfalls Offer Many Benefits
There are many benefits that Water Gallery slate waterfalls offer including free shipping for many of our waterfalls, many of our waterfalls are shipped pre-assembled for fast and convenient set up, eavailable fountain lighting and engraving and a host of healthy benefits.

Some of the healthy benefits that our slate waterfalls offer are the ability to gently soothe nerves and reduce stress due to the tranquil sound of running water, the ability to gently humidify the surrounding area with moisture and also help in removing potentially harmful substances in the air such as dirt and pollen.

For more information regarding our beautiful slate waterfalls and how they can be a great match for your home or office, please visit our homepage or contact us directly.