Water Gallery Wall Fountains

[November 5, 2007]

Finding the perfect item that can add beauty, relaxation and prosperity to any corporate office or retail environment can be difficult; however one way to realize these attributes is with a Water Gallery Wall Fountain.

Wall fountains are perfect for indoor environments, while they vary in size, they can fit a wide variety of space-whether it is a spacious corporate entry way or a cozy office. For instance, a larger size wall fountain created from high quality marble can weight over 700 pounds and measure over 7 feet across. These wonderful wall fountains make a big impression with their beauty for visitors and customers that enter your corporate environment. On the other hand, wall fountains can weigh as little as 30 pounds giving you the ability to use these fountains for almost any space and décor.

Wall fountains offered by Water Gallery are crafted with some of the finest materials including quality glass, marble, natural river stone, Italian copper, natural slate and much, much more. In fact, you can easily customize your wall fountain to fit your environment perfectly.

While wall fountains are extremely attractive and a treat for the eyes, they are also extremely soothing and relaxing, due to the gentle and rhythmic sound they make as water gently falls. It should be noted that all Water Gallery fountains are designed to be extremely easy to operate and are splash resistant, so they never make a mess. Besides being beautiful and relaxing, wall fountains also help humidify the air and in some cases can reduce irritants in the air such as dust.

Water Gallery wall fountains are not only for corporate and retail environments, in fact, more and more home owners are choosing wall fountains, as well as indoor fountains in general to add grace, sophistication to their home décor.

While Water Gallery has a wonderful collection of wall fountains available, it should be noted that Water Gallery also offers one of the largest selections of floor fountains, tabletop fountains and indoor fountains.

Water Gallery wall fountains are perfect for almost any corporation or small business. Each fountain can be customized with an elegant logo and each wall fountain includes free wall fountain lighting. It should also be noted that wall fountains by Water Gallery also include free shipping and generally set up is a breeze, since most wall fountains come preassembled. Regarding price, wall fountains are much more affordable than most imagine making a wall fountain perhaps one of the best ways to add beauty, elegance and the soothing sound of running water into any corporate, retail or home environment.