Water Gallery’s Custom Waterfalls Mean Limitless Possibilities

[Posted on June 21]

If you’ve browsed WaterGallery.net, you’ve discovered that we offer a variety of indoor and outdoor fountains that range in size, style, and color made from a number of different materials. We have fountains starting small enough to fit on a tabletop all the way up to fountains reaching 10 feet high. Our wide selection has become one of the trademarks that have led to Water Gallery being one of the leading fountain providers on the web. One of the other services we offer that you can learn more about is our custom fountains and custom waterfalls.

The team of designers and fabricators at Water Gallery have years of experience creating and customizing fountains for the homes and offices of our clients. Not everyone has a need for a custom fountain or waterfall as most will be able to find something they like amongst our predesigned selection. Some decorators, however, have a very specific vision in mind when they’re designing a room in their home or office and for those individuals, choosing a custom waterfall or fountain from Water Gallery is the only way to go and ensures they’ll have a truly one of a kind piece of art.

Perhaps the most popular option for those seeking custom fountains and waterfalls is the ability to incorporate a company’s name or logo into the design. Many of our clients are business owners that have found that greeting visitors with a majestic fountain that features the name of their company is the perfect way to make a first impression and display the kind of sophisticated style that can truly represent your company. Nearly all of our predesigned fountains and waterfalls can be customized or you can choose to have us design a completely unique fountain, either way, you’ll impress both clients and business associates.

At WaterGallery.net, we pride ourselves on having a fountain for everyone, even if that means creating a new design. From the countless combinations of size, style, color and other customization options as well as prices that start very affordably, we’re confident that if you want a fountain or waterfall for your home or office that’ll be able to find that fountain at WaterGallery.net. Currently we’re featuring a few different custom waterfalls, such as the Stainless Triple, the Floating Bar, Glass Wave and Blue Medspa designs. Each of these fountains can be customized to meet your needs or specifications and are sure to impress.