Water Gallery’s Custom Waterfalls Will Enhance Any Area In The Home Or Office

[Posted on Jan 10]

At WaterGallery.net we have a constantly increasing selection of floor fountains and wall waterfalls but are also known for our custom fountains and fountains. Many people that are interested in one of our fountains ask if it can come in another color or be made from another material or be a slightly different size and we’re able to work with them in order to create a fountain that matches exactly what they’re looking for. We have a team of designers and fabricators that are well versed in fountain creation and look forward to projects involving custom waterfalls.

Visitors to our site quickly recognize that we make fountains that range in size from 40 inches to 10 feet tall and are made from a variety of materials including stainless steel, glass, copper and more, which leads to a vast selection. Because there are so many choices, no one should ever feel like they can’t include an indoor fountain in their home or office based on any one factor. If you’d like one of the larger fountains but don’t have the space, we can show you similar fountains that will fit in your designated space.

When you include a floor fountain or wall fountain in your home or office you’re adding a special piece of art that does more than a painting or sculpture because it also changes the very feel of a room by creating a relaxing ambiance. If you’ve already got existing art, you may choose one of our custom waterfalls and choose a design that will complement the pieces you already have, creating a cohesive design. Our ability to provide this kind of customization is one of the reasons Water Gallery has become the leading source for indoor and outdoor fountains.

If you thought that wall fountains were only for the home, you’ll be surprised to find that many of our clients come from the corporate world. They’ve chose our custom waterfalls to be designed with the name or logo of their company and used to greet visitors in the lobby of their building, behind reception or in the waiting room. One of these fountains immediately leaves an impression on those who view, a great way for them to remember the name of your company while also presenting a sense of style. Whether at the office or at home, custom waterfalls from Water Gallery enhance the look of any space.