Water Gallery's Wall Fountains are Perfect for Any Room

[Posted on July 12, 2010]

If you’ve ever wanted an indoor fountain in your home or office but thought you were restricted due to the available space, you probably never considered a wall fountain. WaterGallery.net has an extensive line of wall fountains that can offer the same benefits as our indoor fountains but can take up much less space by being mounted on the wall. While wall fountains are able to provide the same style and ambience of a floor fountain, they do so in a slightly more subtle way because admirers may be aware of their effects before being aware of the wall fountain.

All of the fountains at WaterGallery.net, including our wall fountains, come in so many different sizes, shapes, styles, colors and materials that the combinations are endless resulting in a fountain for just about anyone. They also range in price, so we’ve got a fountain to fit just about any design budget. And should you not find exactly what you’re looking for when browsing our selection, we also offer custom fountains so that we can help you create a unique fountain that meets your specific vision. We’ve been successful by helping a variety of clients, from homeowners remodeling a room to interior designers helping radically redesign a space.

Currently, some of the popular styles of wall fountains offered at WaterGallery.net include the Sunrise Classic and Waikiki Beach Classic. Both of these fountains are designed to combine the beauty and sound of natural stone and flowing water creating a relaxing aura in your home or office. Other popular models include the Watergarden and Bellezza mirrored surface wall fountains that are designed with ancient looking stone. With our custom fountain options, you can also include custom fountains and lettering if you’re looking for something in your office.

By featuring a fountain in your home or office from Water Gallery, you’ll have a piece of art does something a painting or photograph can’t, which is not just change the way a room looks but how it feels. The reason that people enjoy our fountains is because they make any room feel unique and relaxing in addition to being visually appealing. Because we offer so many different fountain options, you’ll be able to find a fountain that is just right for any space in your home or office, whether you need something small enough to fit on a tabletop, something that stands 10 feet tall and everything in between.