What to Look for in Wall Fountains

[Posted on April 12]

If you are looking to add the elegance of wall fountains to your surroundings there are only a few things that you need to consider in any depth. There is one aspect of wall fountains that does not need any thought at all. You can take it as a given that having an indoor décor element that brings natural serenity and peace to your living space is a good thing. Fountains generate negative ions which gives us a sense of peace and energy. It’s not just the sound of flowing water, but it is the ambiance created by the lighting of the fountain playing on the water that soothes even the most stressed soul.

In addition, it is important to consider the best place to set your wall fountain. The number one requirement is that the fountain is visible. There can be a fine line between the fountain having high visibility and it being the focal point of the room. The point of wall fountains is that they are subtle yet compelling. A good wall fountain has to be in balance with the rest of the room. And this brings us to the second consideration in buying a wall fountain. Its size needs to be in proportion with the rest of the room. If it is a big room with large items of furniture, then the fountain has to have its own substance if it is to have any presence at all. At Water Gallery, the classic slate and light-weight slate wall fountains come in several sizes, colors and frames. For instance, the Mini Spirit Falls wall fountain weighs a mere 30 pounds, while the Deep Creek Falls classic slate wall fountain weighs 790 pounds and measures over seven feet across. 

The other factor that is important in choosing wall fountains is the design. At Water Gallery, there is a large and elegant collection of wall fountains in slate, pebble and glass wall designs that are meticulously designed from nature’s finest materials including Italian copper, natural slate and river stone. You can even have wall fountains that emulate works of art where the artist paints on the reverse side of the acrylic inside of the fountain in your choice of colors. If you have any questions or doubts, ask the professionals at Water Gallery for guidance. They have 30 years of experience and can help you with any aspect of choosing a fountain.