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315 LBS
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The Aspen Falls Wall Fountain with Slate is a great choice!  Featuring a natural slate water panel available in multicolor or green, this well built wall-mounted design is sure to impress your friends, clients, or customers.  Choose your fountains frame color from blackened copper, rustic copper, or stainless steel.  When the six-bulb halogen light bar is turned on, the natural colors and textures in the slate glisten with beauty.  Optional color LED lights with a remote control are available as an upgrade.  We highly recommend the Aspen Falls Wall Fountain for its natural beauty and great value! 

We offer Free Shipping and Guaranteed Lowest Prices on all of our water features.

Dimensions: 50" wide x 54" tall x 6" deep

Weight: 315 lbs (also available in featherstone weighing only 120 lbs - call for details)

Choose Your Frame Color:

Blackened Copper

Rustic Copper

Stainless Steel

Choose Your Water Panel Color:

Multicolor Rajah Slate

Green Slate

***Stone Selection Photos Included - Each slate or marble slab varies in color and texture.  The Stone Selection Photos allow you to hand pick your favorite stone from Adagio's current inventory.  We will provide photos for you to choose the nicest possible stone. 

Everything is included with your order!

1) Complete waterfall kit with framework and slate panels.

2) Recirculating water pump and river rocks for the basin.

3) Six-bulb halogen light bar (upgrade to LEDs with remote available).

4) Easy-to-follow installation DVD along with a Manufacturer’s Warranty.

When designing the Aspen Falls Wall Fountain, the artist chose slate for its natural rich textures. Slate is a shale-like sedimentary rock derived from clay or volcanic ash. Slate is mostly composed of quartz and is mined for its rich uses as a building material. In the past, it has been used to make shingles for roofs, chalk boards for classrooms, and as electrical insulation. Slate is a fireproof material that has had many uses over time, and now, it is used in the Aspen Falls Wall Fountain for beauty and design.

Bring the Aspen Falls Wall Fountain into your home or office today and help create a peaceful atmosphere for all of your visitors. This feature will transform an ordinary room into a serene atmosphere in which your friends and family can talk quietly, listen to music, and enjoy each other’s company; or, create a soothing ambiance in which your customers, clients, and business associates can relax their minds before an important meeting. Let the Aspen Falls Wall Fountain grace the wall of your home or office and see how the soothing trickle of water over natural slate can ease tension and remedy stress.

Call our fountain experts today and allow us to help you choose the perfect indoor waterfall for your space or room.