AquaFall Wave Floor Fountain AF-1W

Midwest Tropical

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This waterfall is a soothing sculpture that fills you with peace - You can see the water flow over the textured acrylic surface, creating a wave-like effect with the light and hear the gentle sound of the water. This waterfall has a beautiful style that resembles the ocean waves. It is a stunning and elegant addition to your home or business. This waterfall also helps to humidify the room and requires very little maintenance.

Truly a stunning and dynamic selection! The Midwest Tropical AquaFall Wave Floor Fountain measures 84"t x 33"w x 15"d and it is built from durable black acrylic.  The water glistens as it flows down the grooved surface. This dynamic indoor floor standing fountain includes white LED lighting and polished river rock for the basin.  We highly recommend this feature for its unique wavy design and top quality construction.  Bring peace and tranquility to your environment with the addition of the AquaFall Wave Floor Fountain today.

What is included with your fountain?

84 " tall acrylic water structure

Necessary water basin

Recirculating water pump and white LED lights

Polished River Rocks for the Basin

Manufacturer's 1 Year Warranty

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