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8 Tips When Choosing a Glass Fountain for Your Indoor Space

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You finally think the time is right to add some extra pizzazz to your home or business. You’ve decided that you’d like to add elegance, calmness and entertainment with a glass fountain.

You must know that not all glass fountains are the same. They can vary in size, shape, materials, colors and water flow rate.

An indoor fountain is a big investment that requires some thought. Before you purchase an indoor glass fountain, here are some tips to consider beforehand:

  • 1.The location of the fountain. What room of your home will your fountain be in? The look and feel of the room as well as the room’s size will determine which size and style of fountain you should put in it. You also want to make sure that the room where the fountain is put is heavily used. After all you don’t want to invest in a fountain if it won’t be constantly seen and appreciated.
  • 2.The purpose of the glass fountain. Is the fountain to be the focal point of the room or is it an added accessory to enhance the overall feel of the room or another focal piece of the room?
  • 3.The kind of light in the room. Glass fountains can reflect different types of lighting differently. Natural and artificial light will affect the color and visual mood of the fountain. The angle of the light also must be considered. If the fountain is to be a focal point of a room, it should have direct, overhead lighting. If it is a secondary feature, make sure the fountain isn’t overly lighted.
  • 4.The electrical situation. Does the room have an electrical outlet or is there one in a hallway nearby? You’ll need electricity for your indoor glass fountain. If the fountain will be in the middle of the room or the outlet is farther away, how will you hide the power cords?
  • 5.Get a big enough basin. Water from fountains will splash a little when they hit the basin of water at the end. To minimize water damage and prevent dangerous, slippery floors, choose a basin for your fountain that is large enough to catch most, if not all the stray splashes and spray. When choosing a water feature, you must ensure that its basin will be large enough to contain water splashing.
  • 6.Choose the right water. Most small and medium-sized indoor glass fountains perform better and last longer if distilled water is used.
  • 7.Constantly check the water levels. It is a common mistake for a fountain owner to not check their fountain’s water levels often enough. This can be a result of a busy lifestyle and schedule.
  • 8.The height of the fountain. What are the height dimensions of the room? Is the fountain the focal point of the room or not? A tall fountain can easily dominate a room and take up space. Tall fountains are also noisier than shorter ones because the water coming out of the fountain hits the basin at greater speed and intensity. Not only does the fountain need to fit, but the level of noise from the fountain also needs to be considered.

An indoor, glass fountain can enhance the look and feel of any room. Not all indoor glass fountains are the same, making it easy for you to pick the perfect fountain for your unique room.

Before getting a fountain, consider the room you’d put it in, the electrical and fountain water basin logistics, and the water that needs to be used for proper functioning of the fountain.

If you’re uncertain which kind of fountain your space needs, contact us at Water Gallery today and our staff can help walk you through our vast selection of premium, high-quality indoor glass fountains. 

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