In-Home Waterfalls You'll Love

6th Jul 2018

Your home is your oasis and refuge from the noise, hustle and bustle of life. Home is the place where you can relax 

and do whatever you want. Is your home get-away as calming and relaxing as you would like?

garden in the backyard equipped with a bench and a gazebo or maybe a hot tub bathtub in the master bathroom. While these may have helped briefly, their novelty may have worn off. Your schedule may have gotten so busy, you don’t have time for those relaxing evening baths. Maybe the weather has been too hot, cold or rainy to enjoy your backyard oasis. Maybe you’re a homeowner that would love to add these things to your home but time and budget won’t allow them.If it isn’t, chances are you’ve likely made some modifications to your home or its grounds such as put in a flower 

If you are still determined to create a quiet, peaceful space in your home, why not try an in-home waterfall?

  An indoor waterfall? Yes. The indoor waterfalls at the Water Gallery can be easily set up in any room with an electrical outlet, are easy to maintain, they aren’t messy and get your floor wet, they last many years, they are reasonably priced and they can be customized to fit your personality and décor style.

While you can get the smaller versions of outdoor fountains, which are designed to be indoors, these can take up space and still possibly spill.

Our indoor waterfalls, which we call fountains or bubble walls aren’t designed like traditional fountains and waterfalls. Most of these are modern and/or luxurious in their style, featuring such options as automatic light changing and a variety of metal and stone material.

Below are a handful of in-home waterfalls you’ll love:

Adagio Tranquil River Floor Fountain

This Adagio indoor floor fountain goes well with a variety of home décor and style and the gentle trickling of the water onto the river rock adds a relaxation element that can transform a sitting room, bedroom or study into a serene refuge. This simple elegant floor-standing fountain can be customized with a variety of frame colors and water panels. The materials available include stainless steel, antique patina, and blackened copper. The tranquil river floor fountain also features lighting on the top, river rock on the bottom and a recirculating water pump.

Harvey Gallery Sunrise Art Fountain

If you have a spare space on your wall, you can hang a painting or a photograph. Or you can hang a water feature that doubles as a piece of art. This Harvey Gallery Sunrise Art Fountain offers both a calming fountain that is small enough to be hung on the wall while also doubling as an eye-catching, elegant piece of art. This relaxing wall art fountain is hand-painted and is available in custom sizes.

Floor Standing Bubble Wall

If you’re looking for an indoor fountain that isn’t traditional but makes more of a bold statement an LED lit bubble wall may be what you’re looking for. These fountains come in a variety of sizes with differing bubble patterns and light colors. These particular fountains are also great options to create some pizazz to a sit-down restaurant.

Bluworld Gardenfall Bamboo Floor Fountain

This versatile bamboo floor fountain can be used indoors and outdoors and is one of our best-selling in-home waterfalls. Three sizes are available so customers can choose the right option for the amount of available floor space. The natural bamboo etching and dark copper finished frame makes this fountain ideal for many areas of the home.

Midwest Tropical AquaFall Wave Floor Fountain

Those who prefer sleek, modern design, will like this Midwest Tropical AquaFall Wave Floor Fountain. This fountain is made of durable black acrylic and includes color changing LED lighting. The grooved surface of the polished river rock creates a calming trickling that isn’t overpowering.

Water Gallery has a variety of indoor water fountains to choose from that can capture your unique style, match your design and home décor and offer an added element of peace and relaxation.

Contact us today to learn about our availability and to learn more about our other waterfalls and fountains for your home or business.