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Why Every Spa Should Have an Indoor Fountain

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When you think of a place to escape the hustle and bustle of life or somewhere you can pamper yourself with some alone-time and relaxation, what is the first thing you think of?

Chances are, you immediately thought of a spa. Spas are designed to produce an environment of luxury and relaxation.

Spas often have soothing music playing in the background, mellow candles or incense burning, low lighting, soft, clean towels and robes. Of course, there are the main attractions such as saunas, massages, jacuzzies, hydrotherapy, fitness equipment, and mineral and salt baths.

There are different types of spas that provide different amenities based on its type. No matter what spa you go to however, the main purpose is to produce a sense of relaxation in order to boost wellness and health, either of the whole body such as muscle relaxation or clearing of the skin.

Unfortunately, stress is a common element of modern life. While some may shirk it off and just “deal with it,” it is important to recognize the serious health risks stress can cause. Excessive stress or ill-managed stress can increase one’s risk for heart issues and a weakened immune system that can make one more susceptible to getting sick. Stress can also play a number on the muscles and joints, causing pain and discomfort.

This is where spas come in.

To reduce, or in some instances, eliminate stress, spas do all they can to offer the most relaxing experience to its patrons.

Besides the standard, necessary elements listed above, some spas enhance their customer’s experience by installing an indoor fountain.

Indoor fountains are a perfect fit for spas as they exude the elegance and relaxation spas aim to achieve.

Indoor fountains come in a variety of sizes and styles. They can be classical or modern. They offer a visual appeal that boring walls or empty floor space lack.

Indoor fountains also provide excellent relaxation. The gentle, calming trickling of water has made them popular in homes and businesses. Indoor fountains are popular in entryways of private residences to give an air of sophistication and a relaxing welcome. Businesses, particularly medical offices which commonly have waiting rooms full of stressed patients, utilize indoor fountains for their calming and relaxing effects. Spa patrons will also enjoy being lulled by an indoor fountain.

Fountains are becoming more popular in the spa industry and are slowly becoming one of the essential spa elements listed above.

Some spa owners, especially small spa owners may have some reservations about installing indoor fountains.

Cost, size and maintenance are the three biggest concerns.

These concerns, though real, aren’t anything to worry about.

Indoor fountains come in a variety of sizes ranging from large, free-standing floor fountains to small, tabletop fountains, and every size in between. There are also fountains that can be hung on walls and used in place of artwork. Even the smallest spas can fit an indoor fountain.

Cost is also a major concern to spa business owners. Just like the variety of sizes, indoor fountains come in multiple price points, usually correlating with the size of the fountain. While some can be costly, the long-term health benefit to the staff and spa visitors will quickly outweigh the initial investment.

Fountains, especially the cheap, poorly made ones can splash and cause a big mess. Indoor fountains that are produced by a reputable fountain company will not have the splashing and sloshing. These fountains not only are cleaner, but the water pumps and systems are high-tech enabling for a regular, consistent flow that is also less wasteful.

All fountains require regular cleaning and upkeep to prevent mold and algae from growing. Indoor fountains also should be dusted to preserve its appearance and to provide relief to spa visitors who may have allergies.

If you’re looking for a great way to add sophistication and an added sense of tranquility to your spa, consider an indoor fountain. At the Water Gallery, we carry a variety of sizes, styles and brands of indoor fountains.

Contact us today to discuss your spa’s needs and we’ll be glad to match you with the perfect fountain.

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