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Outfit your home or business with an outstanding indoor waterfall! The Custom Glass Waterfall with White Frame is the pinnacle of class and elegance. Integrating this standing indoor water feature into your business or home décor will thrill your friends and clients. The most amazing aspect of the Custom Glass Waterfall with White Frame is the ability to choose between a number of sizes and frames. With over 30 years of experience our team of fountain professionals is here to help you choose the perfect waterfall for your environment.

* Several Sizes Available - 8'x4', 8'x5', 8'x6', 10'x4', 10'x5' and 10'x6'

* Choose from 15 Different Frame Colors! 

Enclosed/Encapsulated Option includes two sheets of glass, and the water flows down between them. * Prevents guests from touching the water and greatly reduces evaporation and maintenance.

What is included with your purchase?

1) Tempered glass waterfall with durable basin and trim.

2) Top quality recirculating pump.

3) White LED Top Lights.

Are you looking for the perfect element to act as a wall divider? Are you bored by the more common types of dividers, like kabuki screens and stucco finish? Then the Custom Glass Waterfall is exactly what you need! Imagine your administrative assistant ushering your clients back to your office: while walking past the Custom Glass Waterfall, your client does a double take, nearly twisting his or her neck to get a better view at your eloquently executed waterfall ornamentation. Not only is this floor fountain beautiful to behold, but it is also functional. The glass pane can be inscribed with your company’s name or logo. The Custom Glass Waterfall is an eye-catching way to accentuate your company’s name or logo. Since the waterfall pane is made of glass, it is viewable from both sides. Your company’s name or logo will also be viewable, whether seen from the front or the back.

This free-standing indoor water feature is truly the best quality glass fountain on the internet. It is customizable yet recognizable and elegant yet functional. Get the most out of your glass fountain by purchasing the Custom Glass Waterfall. Let the size and frame type of your indoor waterfall show your personality, or simply match them with the design theme of your business or home. You won’t be disappointed by the excellence and ambiance the Custom Glass Waterfall will create.

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